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ALFA ROMEO 146 1.8 i.e 2.0 16V PADS BRAKE DISCS GT0335 Ø284 FRONT

122.50 GBP


These brake discs fit to the following car models:

ALFA ROMEO 146 (930) 12.1994-01.2001

(1.8 i.e. 16V T.S. 140HP / 1.8 i.e. 16V T.S. 144HP / 2.0 16V T.S. 150HP)

Technical specification of GT brake discs:

Brake discs: front (ventilated)
GT Number: GT0335
Diameter: 284mm
Max. thickness: 22mm / min: 20,20mm
Centering hole diameter: 59mm
Height: 39,40mm
Number of holes: 4
OEM Number:46403958, 46427947, 46427949, 60811890, 60812067, 82462136, 60812137, 60811878, 0060812067, 71738906


To guarantee you 100% satisfaction with your purchase, please specify details of your vehicle in which you want to install the brake discs: model, year of production, type (saloon, estate, etc.), engine, diameter and thickness of the factory brake discs and the number of mounting holes. It is important , because in the same years, or even the meme brake discs can have different sizes!


Drilling and grooves are designed to discharge the heat generated by braking and the contamination, dust and gases from the disc and disc surface in the fastest possible way.
Product at excellent price, manufactured by GT company since 1982. The manufacturer was awarded with numerous awards and certificates, among others, TÜV which is only for top quality products.
Product dedicated to cars listed above with original discs and the same technical specifications as described in the listing.
The photo is a sample image.
The price refers to the whole set of brake discs and pads for the front axle!

If you have any questions write to us.
If you want to buy a complete kit of disc brakes and brake pads (front and rear) - write us!



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