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INTERCOOLER 460x160x90 MG-IC-001 HONDA CIVIC 1988 1989 1990 1991-2000 + TURBO

79.50 GBP

Top Intercooler dedicated to:

HONDA CIVIC 1988-2000

Product characteristics:

Product is brand new, never used and originally packed.

 TurboWorks Intercoolers have an efficient COOL-TEC core and walls made from high quality polished aluminum.

 TurboWorks Intercoolers provide excellent air flow. We guarantee a very good resistance and excellent cooling. It  replaces perfectly serial intercoolers and increases performance of the car.

The original cores have rarely arranged ribs, which results in poor cooling, while the COOL-TEC + core were constructed with densely arranged ribs, which ensures a significant improvement in cooling.

Technical description:

Dimensions of the intercooler: 700x160x90mm

Dimensions of the core: 460x160x90mm

The outer diameter of the entrance: 2,5" (inch)


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